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May 2024

Make an Impact on Your Patients and Practice With a Free CME Course

It is a busy afternoon and a patient comes to your office to discuss ongoing pain from a previous injury. You check the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) and find concerning data indicating potential prescription opioid misuse and a serious risk of overdose. What do you do next?

Successful patient outcomes depend on good communication, but discussing sensitive topics in a limited time can be challenging. Tight time constraints make it difficult to respond to patients’ experiences and emotions as thoroughly as you may like.

The following training videos detail evidence-based guidelines for using the Texas PMP to inform safe prescribing practices and communicate effectively with your patients about prescription drug misuse, addiction and overdose. Each course is free and will earn physicians 1 hour of CME credit and 1 hour of Ethics credit.

  • Complying with the Statewide Mandate and Using the PMP to Provide Patient-Centered Care
  • Maximizing Your Limited Time: Navigating Challenging Patient Conversations
  • Mental Health and Opioid Use Disorder: Using the PMP to Improve Patient-Centered Care and Communication Physicians can enroll in one or more of these CME courses and download other helpful resources at

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