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Jun 2024

Navigate Challenging Conversations Using the Texas PMP Prescriber Toolkit

It can be challenging to talk about safe and effective pain management, potential opioid misuse and the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). This is especially true when your time with each patient is limited.

However, the words you use impact the care your patient receives. Building trust through effective communication is critical for providing the highest quality care for your patients and ensuring better health outcomes.

What Is the Texas PMP Prescriber Toolkit and How Can it Help?

The prescriber toolkit at is a free, downloadable resource designed to help you navigate sensitive conversations with your patients. The toolkit offers evidence-based health communication guidelines and real-life talking points to help foster a trusting dynamic with your patient and ensure their understanding during difficult discussions.

Topics covered include:

  • Communication best practices
  • Talking about safe and effective pain management
  • Discussing concerning PMP data
  • Using patient-centered, non-stigmatizing language
  • Current information about the Texas PMP, mandated use and electronic health record integration.

The Texas PMP: Helping Start Conversations to Keep Patients Safe

Before you start a conversation about pain management or opioid misuse, check the Texas PMP. The PMP tracks controlled substance dispensations to help you make safer prescribing decisions. Learn more at

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